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Automotive Spring

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Automotive Spring


Leaf springs are mostly used for commercial vehicles such as freight trucks. In addition to various leaf springs, Daewon also supplies long taper springs and parabolic springs for light weight.
A spring coiled into a helix, most often used in passenger car suspension.
A stabilizer bar connects opposing (left/right) wheels together through short level arms linked by torsion spring.
Air Suspensions For Passenger Cars
The latest high-tech product for luxury cars can maintain top suspension performance suiting vehicle characteristics.


DAWNSCO) has steadily grown its technical strengths, competitiveness, and excellent quality together with its parent company Daewon Kang Up Co., Ltd. and sister companies. Based on these, Daewon Corporation has taken the initiative in the development of specialized international businesses. Starting as a trading and domestic dealership business division of Daewon Kang Up who specializes in the manufacturing of spring materials, springs and seats which are using automotives and the whole industry. Daewon Corporation has grown into a leader of globalization in its business areas based on the firm belief that exports is the greatest foundation for national competitiveness. With experiences and know-how in exports. The company is also putting great emphasis on the exports of domestic venture companies as well as small and medium businesses.